5 tips to slow down skin aging.?

skin aging

The aging of the skin this anxiety that haunts us all in front of the mirror! And yes, it’s never very pleasant to discover new wrinkles, pigment spots, or to watch your skin become refined.  Even if this is a natural process, there is a whole part of skin aging that is linked to our lifestyles, and therefore, over which we have control. Take back control of your skin with our 5 tips to slow down skin aging!

How does skin aging work?

The aging of the skin is easily noticeable: wrinkles appear, the skin becomes drier, finer, less firm. If these signs seem familiar to you, and if you want to slow down the aging of the skin , you have to understand the mechanisms and the origin.

Concretely, over the years, we observe a decrease in the activity of the sebaceous and sweat glands, which weakens the hydrolipidic film . At the same time, the skin loses its elasticity, because the rate of collagen and elastin naturally decreases each year. There is also a slowdown in cell renewal . Dead cells stay on the surface longer, causing a duller complexion. Finally, in some people, the decrease in the number of melanocytes (in charge of the color of our skin) can cause redness or pigment spots .

It is all of these mechanisms that make our skin evolve with age. But what causes these changes in the skin tissue? Well, it’s basically the natural aging process. Our skin is not programmed to stay young and dapper forever (harsh reality…!). Nevertheless, if the aging of the skin is natural, it can appear more or less early, and in a more or less marked way according to our habits of life . Good news therefore: you have the possibility of slowing down skin aging!

Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate again!

This may sound like bad advice, but we too often underestimate the power of hydration on skin aging. The more your skin is hydrated, the stronger its hydrolipidic film . It is thus better protected against all external aggressions that can accelerate the aging of the skin. Well hydrated skin is also healthier skin: comfortable, supple, with a luminous complexion.

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Morning and evening, we take out the moisturizer ! You can take a richer one in the winter to protect your skin from the cold, and a lighter one in the summer to let the skin breathe. Also remember to drink enough and favor foods rich in water and vitamins: food can do a lot for our skin.

Protect yourself from pollution

If city life brings its share of advantages, it also has disadvantages: pollution ! Breathing polluted air is dangerous for your health, but it also affects the quality of your skin . Pollution makes the skin drier, more reactive, and as a result, it can accelerate its aging. We must therefore try to protect ourselves as best as possible!

The ideal? Use a skincare range specially designed for city dwellers, with detoxifying agents to eliminate pollution particles. A mask once a week, in order to clean up, can also be a good idea. Finally, the best way to protect your skin is to strengthen its hydrolipidic film (and yes, even him!). Opt for repairing treatments, like our Pure Pulp Neo gel , which creates a protective film on the surface of the skin.

Sun and skin aging: long live sunscreen

The consequences of exposure to the sun without protection should not be taken lightly. Even if we all like to have a nice tanned complexion, caution is in order. Indeed, the ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun consist – among other things – of UVA. These radiations penetrate deep into the skin and can alter its structure. The result is premature skin aging , the appearance of deeper wrinkles, and a loss of suppleness. In the most severe cases, excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause skin cancer.

In order to enjoy the sun without risk, it is therefore better to expose yourself with precautions: at times when the sun is lowest, by favoring areas in the shade, by protecting yourself with clothes and a hat. During the summer months, and when vacationing by the sea or in the mountains, total screen is a must. In winter, when the weather is grayer, a cream with an SPF 15 to 30 is ideal.

At Veld’s, we select our anti-aging active ingredients with the greatest care, because the effectiveness of our products is largely based on them! In addition to moisturizing the skin and nourishing it on a daily basis, you can choose active ingredients that will also act on the aging of the skin and slow it down. Good news, there are anti-aging active ingredients with proven and natural effectiveness!

For example, Vernonia Appendiculata, Dill, Condurango, and Centella Asiatica have been proven to provide a youthful boost and radiance to mature skin. This is why we have made them star active ingredients in our Eye Magic anti-wrinkle eye contour and our Pure Pulp Neo beauty-restoring gel .

Sport and aging of the skin: no to a sedentary lifestyle

Sport offers many benefits when practiced regularly! Numerous studies have proven the prodigious effects it has on stress management . Indeed, sport allows you to let off steam, to resolve tensions, to exteriorize stress to better tame it. A good point to be better in your sneakers, but also in your skin, since stress is one of the factors capable of accelerating the aging of the skin. Another good point: sport boosts self-confidence, gives us a better vision of ourselves. And when you feel confident, you shine a thousand times more!

Finally, it would seem that the practice of sport has a direct effect on the beauty of the skin . This is highlighted by a Canadian study conducted in 2014: the practice of sport, at the rate of three hours a week, would produce a group of proteins called myokines. These proteins, in high concentration, would have an anti-aging effect on the skin, regardless of the age at which one begins to exercise. The study was conducted on a small group of people, so the results should be taken with caution, but they do show encouraging prospects!

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