How to lose belly fat? Our 10 tips for losing abdominal fat.?

lose belly fat

Note that it is not possible to eliminate fat from a specific body part . Indeed, you can not lose weight only belly, thighs or legs. If you lose weight, you will lose weight in all areas, not just one.

tips for losing belly fatTo find out whether or not you need to lose belly fat, measure your waist circumference:

For a woman, the waist circumference must be less than 80 cm (beyond that, you have abdominal fat).

For a man, the waist circumference must be less than 94 cm (if you exceed it, you have abdominal fat).

How to get a flat stomach?

For men and women, the methods to get a flat and firm stomach are the same . The only difference is this: for women, it is more difficult to have visible muscles.

Tip n°1:  avoid cereals in the morning

Do you like cereal for breakfast? Know that these are rich in sugars and therefore bad if you want to lose belly fat.

If you can’t say “no” to this food, opt for oatmeal. Indeed, they are rich in protein and have a satiating effect allowing you to eat less.

Tip #2:  Eat Good Fats

consume good fats to lose belly fatYou thought that to lose belly fat, fats were to be put aside? Think again ! You will lose belly fat if you eat good fats and limit your carbohydrate intake.

Here, it is not a question of completely banning carbohydrates from your diet, but of choosing the right sources such as vegetables, fruits…

Good fats are those containing fatty acids like omega-3s . These have the following advantages:

They reduce cortisol levels and therefore stress (the higher the cortisol level, the greater the storage of fat in the abdominal area).

But where can you find omega-3s? The majority are fatty fish such as herring, tuna, mackerel, sardines or salmon. For a good supply of omega-3s, consider eating oily fish 2 to 3 times a week . Regarding their cooking, forget frying, sunflower oil and margarine, but prefer butter and coconut oil. Moreover, coconut oil promotes the burning of fat and stimulates the metabolism.

Tip #3: Forget Refined Carbohydrates at Night

As soon as you eat processed carbohydrates, they are quickly converted into sugar . Consequences: they lead to blood sugar peaks and therefore greater fat storage in the belly. In the evening, forget about refined carbohydrates!

As for fruits, they also contain sugar, but they contain fibers that slow down the increase in blood sugar levels.

To lose belly fat, it is therefore advisable to ban refined carbohydrates in the evening, because your body will not be able to burn what you have just eaten and if you have already eaten your three meals of the day, you risk exceeding your caloric needs. daily .

Also, don’t eat after 8 p.m. But if despite everything you are a little hungry after this time, choose foods containing the fewest calories possible (soup, for example).

Tip #4: drink to lose belly fat

When you want to lose belly fat, good hydration is necessary! Indeed, water increases the feeling of satiety and accelerates the metabolism . Thanks to these effects, you will limit overeating and you will burn more fat.

If you want to vary the tastes, you can also drink green tea, a fat burner that boosts metabolism and reduces cravings. To lose belly, green tea is therefore effective!

Tip #5:  Limit your fruit juice intake

If sodas are not recommended when you want to lose weight, fruit juices are too. The reason ? Because fruit juices available in supermarkets are high in sugar and low in fiber . Result: they increase blood sugar levels .

If you like fruit juices, it is therefore preferable to prepare homemade ones (smoothies are also a good alternative).

Tip #6:  Do Interval Sports Training

To lose your extra pounds, sport is essential! But if you thought that following an intense sports training was the best solution to lose your abdominal fat, think again! Interval physical activity will allow you to lose more belly. This method consists of two phases : a high-intensity sports phase and a recovery phase.

Tip #7:  Relax

When you’re stressed, you produce cortisol , an anti-stress hormone that stimulates feelings of hunger and increases the storage of fat in the abdomen . Additionally, when cortisol levels are up, your blood sugar levels also go up and your metabolism slows down. Consequence: fat burning is blocked.

To limit a feeling of prolonged stress (also called chronic stress), find an activity that relaxes you  : watching television, yoga classes, meditation, sleeping…

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