7 real good tips for effective protection from the cold

protection from the cold

Down jackets, hats and gloves are out again. No doubt, the beautiful days are behind us. To fight against this cold snap and adapt our body to the harsh change of season, it is essential to adopt good habits. Beware, however, of the received ideas that abound around us! Focus on the real good gestures to protect our body from the inconvenience of winter.

Winter is definitely not the favorite season of the Auverhonalpins. Especially this year, when it will be more complex to enjoy the ski slopes . While waiting to find warmer days, our body must go to war against the inconveniences of winter and in particular: the drop in temperature! List of attitudes that are really effective against the cold.

Beware of full heating

It is true that it is good to finally find yourself warm at home, but beware of the perverse effects of a nest that is a little too cozy. If it is as hot at home as in summer, the change in temperature with the outside will be a severe test for your organism. Good advice: set the thermostat between 19 and 20 degrees.

Yes to the headgear!

Although your hair is particularly silky or you go out to the hairdresser, it is not wise to go out without your good old hat! Not only can cold cause migraines, but the head and neck are particularly cold-sensitive parts. Indeed, when they are exposed to particularly low temperatures, the whole body suffers: losing up to 30% of its heat!

NO to alcohol!

The burning effect felt by its consumption is due to the dilation of blood vessels. A very fleeting and perverse sensation since it precipitates the loss of body heat! Instead, opt for healthier drinks (tea, herbal tea, herbal tea, etc.) that are hot, but not too hot, so as not to affect the digestive tract! Especially since the consumption of alcohol is dangerous for health .

Find the shoe for you

Choose your pair carefully so as not to be in your little shoes once outside! Your shoes should be wide enough to wiggle your toes. Another quality: impermeability. The humidity of winter, coupled with the cold, can cause frostbite (red or even purplish areas, swollen and painful) especially on the extremities of the feet! Good, comfortable and sufficiently thick socks are also recommended.

protect yourself with handcuffs

The skin of the hands is particularly thin and vulnerable to the cold . While regular hand washing has (finally) become a reflex with the coronavirus epidemic, we must now think about moisturizing them. The cold associated with the repeated use of hydroalcoholic gel, which is rather aggressive, can dry out the hands and fingers. As for the feet, they must be protected from the cold using gloves that are warm enough and preferably made of soft material (cotton, wool, cashmere, etc.).

Keep fit

The practice of a physical activity is essential to maintain health throughout the year. Although we tend not to want to move much in winter, we have to! Objective: to keep the body and immune defenses in good shape to resist viral diseases. However, avoid the practice of intense sport so as not to exhaust yourself. Indeed, the body already uses energy to withstand the cold and to warm up. This phenomenon is accompanied by an increase in blood pressure, cardiac rhythm and activity. Choose walking or jogging over fast running, for example.

Healthy meals for a healthy body

Raclette, fondue, sauerkraut or even tartiflette… Dishes that are “comforting” for morale are not so for the body! To meet the increased needs of the body during the winter, vitamins and proteins are your best allies! If there is no question of a private diet, nutritional balance and variety on the plate must remain the benchmark.

Infants, the elderly, disabled, or suffering from chronic cardiovascular (hypertension, arteritis), respiratory (asthma, bronchiolitis, etc.), digestive or endocrine (diabetes, thyroid deregulation, etc.) diseases… Some people struggle more with difficulty against the cold. It is therefore necessary for them to warm up more and avoid exposure to extreme cold!

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